Soft Mouth Sounds ASMR


Hello my friends
This was requested a lot and im not a big fan of these, but I think if mouth sounds are done softly it can be really good. Hope you will like it! let me know in the comments! 🙂
also for those that love challenges I have instructions on how to prepare yourself to relax to this one!
It will be today really simple to do so lets try it too!
First of all sit inside your submarine and hold breath for few hours while eating 5 RAW ostrich eggs with tea spoon. Good. Now you can get back from bathroom and close all doors and open all your window in your house. Then try to run through all doors with closed eyes as fast as you can while shouting “im the best unicorn in the whole street”. after last doors do ultraQuadFrontBrokenRibsMega flip into your fridge. if you have your elbow in yogurt you can play hit button with that chicken behind your ear… if your elbow is not in yogurt try whole process again. good luck!!

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