Huge Big Macs & Fries | Homemade MCDONALDS!


Hi my hungry dinosaurs, it’s food again! Today I’m having huge Big Macs and fries to celebrate 30.000 subscribers! ♥ Since you guys liked my last burger video I thought to recreate another burger from a popular burger restaurant – I made Big Macs from McDonald’s. You can perfectly veganize these sandwiches and as you can tell, I loved eating them! They were bomb. ^_^ Sorry for the messy eating, I guess these guys were just to big for my hands. 😀 Later on in this video I cut one burger in half and tried to eat it as a normal person would do. 😀
I really wanna say THANK YOU to everyone who supported me from the beginning, from a few months ago or maybe from today on! It means the world to me to be able to share weekly deliciousness with you guys. And getting so many nice comments motivates me to go on. ♥ So, thanks again for subscribing and leaving comments. Love you guys ♥

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