Ear-to-ear SKSK, Random words, 더미헤드 귀투귀 단어 반복


굿 이브닝 여러분 ㅎㅎ
오늘은 더미헤드에 귀투귀 단어 반복을 해봤어요~
듣기 좋은 말들을 속삭이는 영상 입니다!
오늘도 모두 안녕히 주무세요~^^

Goodevening everyone~!
Today I made a dummy head ear-to-ear whispering 🙂
I did with some cheering words for you guys
I really appreciate the comments you leaved on my video
which says my cat died..
The comment really cheered me up and made me so happy
Thank you always guys I love yah all!:))

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