Binaural Sounds Teacher RP


It’s HERE it’s finally here! The next episode in the Childhood ASMR Triggers series. Some 6 months ago I asked for your most memorable ASMR triggers from childhood. There were so so many, way too many to put into one video. However in this episode you will see the triggers most mentioned in the comments and most special to the majority who contributed. In order to make this I had to become much more skilled on the editing front which is what took most of the time. 44 videos later and I am a little more experienced! I was also unable to find a chalkboard as big as I wanted, so the board you see here is actually a wall in my home I eventually painted with chalkboard paint!
One of the things I love most about this channel is being able to document the tingly moments we all had as children, before knowing if anyone else experienced it or if there was even a name. So I do hope you enjoy this and any other videos in the series to come. This one has certainly been a labour of love for me!

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