ASMR | Virtual Haircut Role Play ✄ Binaural Cut | Highlight | Wash


Welcome to your appointment. :))

We’ll start with a consultation, flip through a magazine to find the best hairstyle, go over the highlighting process, then begin your cut, highlight, and wash. You might even get a bonus scalp massage on the house. ;))


I tried to put as many ASMR triggers into this role play as I could while still lending to the story and attempting to make a different haircut video. This is a video I have envisioned for literally 9 months and it is finally complete! It’s my first on-camera role play and I was sooo nervous that I had to redo filming 3 or 4 times but I think I finally got the hang of it. WHO KNEW ROLE PLAYS WOULD BE SO SCARY.

I originally got this idea several months ago after not wanting to toss out footage a friend took of a drastic haircut I got over a year ago. I started to compile the footage together and while I was doing so, I was getting so many tingles from the visuals! However, since the sound from the footage turned out loud and very unrelaxing, I decided to make my own foley/sound effects. So I grabbed my Zoom H4n and recreated the sounds as best I could. Some of them don’t sync up as well as I would have liked, but I hope that they still manage to bring you some tingles!

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