ASMR Spirograph


I hope you are doing great. I’m back with another hopefully relaxing video in which I’m drawing many different kinds of spiral designs with a Spirograph toy. I have to say that I would have never expected it to be such a great way to relax. Playing with this kit was so effective in calming my nerves that I was literally dozing off at the end of making this video. Personally I really like looking at geometrically perfect shapes such as theese spiral designs to say nothing of being able to create them by myself. According to Wikipedia, the Spirograph was invented in nineth century by a Polish mathematician Bruno Abakanowicz. ”It was used for calculating an area delimited by curves. The Spirograph was a 2014 Toy of the Year finalist in 2 categories, almost 50 years after the toy was named Toy of the Year in 1967.”

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