Asmr mixing dense liquids


First of all I’d like to thank you guys for 50k subscriptions. You are absolutely amazing. I really appreciate all of your comments, likes, and shares. Your feedback drives me to pursue new ideas so much that I stopped even caring what my neighbours would think seeing me dancing in the middle of the night around a bonfire with microphones attached to different parts of my outfit. If only you could see the face of one of my neighbours, when one day I got out with two dummy heads on tripods. He was like: – ”Now way, are you kidding me? artificial heads? What the hell is he doing?” He completely doesn’t understand what is going on every time when I record outside. His reactions are always so hilarious. Sometimes it even seems like he is scared of me. Considering the fact that I plan to make some horror sound effects, better for him would be to get used to me in advance. Heh.

According to the last voting, most of you really wanted this video to be done, so here it is. Despite the fact that I had to wash my carpet after recording this sound, I think it came out not so bad. As always every effort was made to diversify the sounds as much as possible. I tried many diffferent liquids such as kissel, smoothie, puddings, cream etc. Then I realised that actually much more important is the shape of used dish. Anyway, I hope you will find it relaxing!

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